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Single Time Trial Unterrohr - Saturday, August 17th 2019

Starting times: (GPS.–Daten: 47.2448°N 16.0525°E)
The athletes start in 30 second intervals. The top ten will start in reverse order of their ranking.
Route: Unterrohr - Wörth an der Lafnitz (Youth will turn here) - Neudau (others will turn here) - Unterrohr
Length: Others 17,5 km, 60m altitude differnece, max. incline 3 % Youth: 9,5 km, 40m altitude differnce, max. incline 3%)
Showering possibilities: 47.2448°N 16.0525°E
Winners Ceremony: from ca. 5:00pm in St. Johann in der Haide.
3 pm Women-Master I-IV, Juniors female & Women-Elite
afterwards Hobby 1-5
ca. 3.40 pm Master I-VIII
afterwards Amateurs & U23
ca. 4.15 pm Juniors
afterwards U17
ca. 4.40 pm U15 & M-U17
afterwards U13 & M-U14


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