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About the region Hartbergerland


We would like to welcome you to the region of Hartberg, a region known for its beauty and diversity. Whether you want to cycle or hike in the deep woods or on the gentle hills with panoramic views, indulge in regional wines that have been awarded accolades many times over or take in the historic town centre of Hartberg, there is something for everyone.

Since the 1st of January 2016 the tourism association of the "Hartbergerland" comprises of 6 municipalities - Hartberg, Grafendorf, Greinbach, Kaindorf, Rohrbach, St. Johann. This heightens the attractiveness of the region for tourists.

Geographically the Hartbergerland is situated at the transition point between the alps and the pannonian lowlands. At the time of Margrave Leopold I. (1125 - 1128) Hartberg was an important town in Styria. The kelts and the romans settled in Hartberg as excavation sites proof and hungarian tribes from the east tried to invade the region many times which gives the Hartbergerland its rich and interesting history.

The town of Hartberg presents itself just like its people - deeply rooted in history with an open mind towards the present and the future. Enjoy with all your senses...

Hartberg is Città Slow - An association of cities with a high standard of living

Città Slow is an international award that stands for high quality. In May 2009 Hartberg was incorporated into the international città slow network and the first Styrian town to do so. Hartberg fulfilled 81% of the requirements whithin the following seven criteria:

  • Environmental policy
    The use of alternative and renewable energies; recycling concepts, etc.
  • Infrastructure policy
    Disability friendly, green spaces, recreation areas, etc.
  • Urban quality
    Urban development, historical town centres, monument preservation, waste concepts, etc.
  • Favoring of national products, producers and traditions
    Regional weekly markets, preserving local traditions, etc
  • Hospitality
    Maintaining city partnerships, tourist information, etc.
  • (città slow) Awareness
    public relations work for città slow, workshops, living città slow, etc.
  • Scenic quality
    Conservation and cultivation of the variety and beauty of the landscape, etc.

CITTÀ SLOW seeks to achieve the protection and the reinforcement of the region's self-worth as well as the preservation of variety and identity in the age of globalisation.