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PROLOGUE Hartberg - Wednesday, August 14th 2019

The Prologue will be counted in the overall ranking!

If a race participant would like to partake in the overall ranking but is unable to race in the Prologue the time of the last one in the category will be counted. The Prologue will start at 5.30 p.m. with greetings from the mayors of hartbergerland and mrs. Ammerer. Listen to the concert of "Stadtkapelle Hartberg"

Only classic racing bikes will be admitted to the prologue (no time trial attachments!).

Start: from 6:30 pm until ca. 8:30 pm, starting Intervall: 30 seconds (GPS: 47.2898°N 15.9784°E)
Route: Hartberg, Raimund-Obendraufstraße 54, Schaffler - Main Square Hartberg
Showerpossibilities: Leisure Center HERZ in Hartberg (GPS: 47.2785°N 15.9748°E.)
Length: 1250m, HM 19

May be subject to changes.

6.30 pm Celebrieties from politics and economy
6.35 pm Women-Master I - IV
Afterwards Juniors female
Afterwards Women-Elite
ca. 6.45 pm all junior categories
ca. 6.50 pm Hobby 1-5
ca. 7.15 pm Master I - VIII
ca. 7.50 pm Amateurs / U-23 / Juniors


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