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Welcome to the Hartbergerland World Cycling Week

47. FIS-RSC-Hartbergerland World Cycling Week 14th - 18th August 2019

An international cycling event in Eastern Styria! Cyclists from over 15 nations take part in a total of about 150 races in 20 different categories. Eastern Styria with its beuatiful, hilly landscape offers the perfect conditions for attractive and fair cycle races.

6 races on 5 days

The prologue through the historic town centre of Hartberg opens the 47. FIS-RSC Hartbergerland World Cycling Week on the 14th of August 2019. During 5 days of racing the prologue, three street races, the hill sprint and the single time trail will take place in different regions of the Hartbergerland.

The heart of the region and of the World Cycling Week is the town of Hartberg. Here, in the city for all senses, the race office for the duration of the entire event is located, programme highlights can be enjoyed as well as the overall winner’s ceremony will take place on the main square.

Temporary race schedule (subject to changes):

1. race day (Wednesday, 14th August 2019): prologue
2. race day
(Thursday, 15th August 2019): street race
3. race day
(Friday, 16th August 2019): street race
4. race day
(Saturday, 17th August 2019): single time trail & hill race
5. race day
(Sunday, 18th August 2019): street race

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