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More cycling events

Cycling events

Sunday, 28th April 2019 - 1.30pm

Hartberger Anradeln
The convivial start to the cycling season for the whole family.


Sunday, 19th May 2019

Geero Genuss-Radrundfahrt in Kaindorf
Discover the beautiful cycle paths in the Kaindorf eco-region.
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Sunday, 7th July 2019

Radl-Woche in Hartberg
Individuals, families, groups, anyone who wants can participate in this week, because it is not a race.
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Sa, 20th - So, 21st July 2019

UltradRadchallenge Kaindorf
At the Ultra Rad Challenge there are bike races over 24, 12, 6 and 3 hours in individual and team categories on the programme.
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Wednesday, 14th - Sunday, 18th August 2019

47. FIS-RSC Hartbergerland World Cycling Week


Friday, 23rd August 2019

Austrian Cycling Youth-Tour in Hartberg
The approximately 120 young athletes will start a stage of the ÖRV-Cycling-Youth-Tour in Hartberg.
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Saturdady, 31st August 2019 - 2pm

Masenberg hill race
Hill race from the main square Hartberg to Masenberg.
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